Lord Ganesha Prayers

Lord Ganesha is a very powerful God and he is said to be the first God whom we should pray and he is said to be the eldest son of Lord Shiva as per the Hindu Mythology. Before starting any good work we can pray Lord Ganesha for removing all the obstacles in our work and to get the work done successfully. If we get blessings from Lord Ganesha then we will shine in our life and we will get success always in our life and we can live a healthy, wealthy and prosperous life. In this post you can learn powerful prayers of Lord Ganesha and chant these mantras prayers daily to get success in you day today life in all aspects. Before starting any work you can pray Lord Ganesha and offer him coconut in temple and you can start the work as it ends successful with no obstacle and after the work done successful then offer one more coconut in temple for Ganesha. Follow this often and success is yours.

Lord Ganesha Prayers

Om Shri Ganeshaya Namah

Om Gam Ganapadhaye Namah

Om Ikdanthaaya Vidmahe,
Vakradunthaya Dhimahi,
Tanno Budhi Prachodhayath.

Ganapathy Paapa Moriya.
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